Our Members

Who They Are

The World War II Airborne Demonstration Team is a dynamic multifaceted organization comprised of a diverse group of nearly 200 member volunteers. Our members possess a wide variety of skill sets that enable the organization to accomplish it's mission at a high level on a routine basis. Our men and women come from a wide variety of occupations. Current and former military, medical professionals, attorneys, judges, educators, airline pilots, law enforcement, firefighters, tradesman, business owners, engineers, college students, media, and mechanics to list a few. 

Our Culture

Selfless Service, Respect, and Personal Growth

Our culture is shaped by our mission of Remember, Honor, Serve. We strive to foster an environment of selfless service, giving, and respect to veterans and our membership. In doing so, we also strive to challenge and develop leaders within the organization to sustain our ability to accomplish our mission. Our volunteers' employers also reap the benefits of their personal and professional development.

Their Contributions

Serving, Educating, Honoring

Our members give in two ways. Monetarily and giving their time and energy. Our membership's work does not end after they return to their homes after they depart Frederick Army Airfield. At their own expense and time, they continue to serve and give of themselves visiting with and honoring veterans. Many visit and speak at schools, visit veterans centers, or participate in commemorative events in their home area. Others take on organizational operating tasks required of the day to day operation of a non-profit organization. Without the selfless dedication of our membership the organization would not have the ability to perform its mission.

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