We Keep Their Stories Alive

Have you seen us at your favorite airshow?  We hope so. If not, here’s a glimpse into how we make our mission to Remember, Honor, and Serve our WWII Veterans come alive. We are volunteer professional parachutists, many of us prior or current service. Our vision is to keep alive the stories of our WWII Veterans to inspire a new generation. 

Highlights of the 75th anniversary D-day commemoration

We’re your WWII Airborne Demonstration Team, and we were there to represent YOU. These are just a few highlights from our experience during the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Commemoration Ceremony.

The Parachute School - Through the door of legends

The Parachute School is as close as you can get to WWII paratroop training. Our nine day course is the most professional and detailed course available in the world. From the moment you walk through the hangar doors at Frederick Army Air Field and step out the door of our C-47s you will be immersed in an atmosphere of a bustling training facility straight out of the WWII. 

our veterans are why we exist

America’s citizen soldiers, sailors, and airmen who served during WWII were seemingly everyday people whose extraordinary commitment to courage, character, and values changed the world. This is a glimpse into why and how we are helping to ensure that their stories remain alive—stories of optimism, resilience, and a can-do attitude, stories that defined us as a nation 75 years ago, stories that can inspire us as a nation today. 

Our Mission


Remember, Honor, Serve

To REMEMBER those that fought and died to preserve America's freedom

To HONOR the memory of those who gave their lives as well as those that survived

To SERVE by entertaining and informing the public of the sacrifices made by America's warriors


The Parachute School

Our parachute school is a rigorous nine day course located at the historic Frederick Army Airfield in Frederick, Oklahoma. Prior army airborne veterans will tell you to a man that our training is more detailed than what they received at the Army Airborne School. The student is also  immersed in an atmosphere of a bustling WWII training facility.  Qualifying jumps are made from our two WWII era aircraft, the C-47 Boogie Baby and the C-49 Wild Kat.


Airshows and Events

We take great pride in our professionalism and performance during parachute demonstrations. Our members train tirelessly to be the very best military style static line parachutists in the world. They also actively engage with the public to provide them a memorable experience and to speak about the sacrifices made by America's warriors. 

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