C-47 "Ride-Along"


"Airborne Experience"

We are now able to offer a new "ride-along" Airborne experience. Individuals will be allowed to go "Airborne" along with jump team members on a C47 flight.  Hear and feel what it's like to ride in a WWII vintage aircraft and watch the troops dressed in WWII uniforms and equipment "Stand Up & hook Up".

To learn more about this opportunity contact us at: operations_@_wwiiadt.org





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Gordonclan Helmets

The official supplier to the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team


For all your helmet needs, be it the purchase of a new WWII helmet or the repair of your existing helmet, Gordonclan Helmets is the one to choose. With over 20 years of experience, Gordonclan Helmets has the skills needed to provide you with the perfect WWII Helmets and Liners. All work is guaranteed. Super service at great value prices.


Gordonclan Helmets also has a limited supply of US WWII Web Gear available just ask for details to:-


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 Their feature product is their unique K-Ration tin. You will not find a single spray painted can of tuna here. These meat tins are exactly the same size as the original( 3 x 1 6/16). They have been lacquered and lithographed on the top just like the originals, no water slide decals or rub ons.  

These are the best reproduction ration items on the market today.  They have carefully researched each component in their rations using original Quarter Master specifications and/or original samples. Their research and efforts have resulted in unparalleled quality and authenticity at a reasonable price.


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