C-47 "Ride-Along"


"Airborne Experience"

We are now able to offer a new "ride-along" Airborne experience. Individuals will be allowed to go "Airborne" along with jump team members on a C47 flight.  Hear and feel what it's like to ride in a WWII vintage aircraft and watch the troops dressed in WWII uniforms and equipment "Stand Up & hook Up".

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Guinn E Unger

 Born:                             19 November 1925                

Enlistment date:            22 December 1943      Fort Meade, Maryland

Deployments:                Europe

Units:                             345th Infantry, 87th Infantry Division; Headquarters Company, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division

Rank:                            Colonel

Specialisations:             Communications, Message Center Clerk, Parachutist

Qualifications:              Combat Infantryman Badge, Parachutist Wings

Decorations:                  Bronze Star, WWII Victory Medal, EAME Campaign Medal, Army Occupation Medal.

Discharge Date:            03 May 1946

Other Information:     Guinn was a member of the 345th Infantry Regiment, when he volunteered to be a part of an elite unit and went to four weeks of basic parachute training at Fort Benning, Georgia followed by nine weeks of training at the Airborne Communications School and in January 1945 he departed the USA headed for Europe. His journey saw him board an ocean liner in New York headed for Scotland and on arrival, transfer to train for the journey to the south coast of England before boarding a ship again, headed for France. His journey ended by train and truck into Belgium where he was assigned to Headquarters Company of the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 17th Airborne Division.

Guinn spent the next few months preparing for the unitís next major operation, the big jump into Germany, so at 0730 on March 24th 1945, Guinn found himself aboard a C-47 headed for Germany and Operation Varsity. Approaching the drop zone Guinnís plane came under heavy flak and he was grateful to get out of the plane as the 12th man of 18 jumpers. In the days that followed the first and only combat jump of the 17th Airborne, the unit progressed towards Muenster. After Muenster, the 507th took Essen and Guinn can still remember discovering a mass grave near the city. At the end of the war, the 507th remained in Essen as occupation troops.

In late June 1945 the 17th Airborne Division, now stationed in France, became designated to accommodate veterans returning home to be demobilized. Guinn was hereby transferred to the 82nd Airborne Division to serve as occupation troops in Berlin. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion HQ 505th PIR. But Guinn did not return with the 82nd Airborne because when the 82nd went back to the states, he was sent to join the 508th in Frankfurt, the only Airborne unit still left in Europe.  He didn't get back to the states until 1946 and was discharged on 3 May 1946.

In September 1946, taking advantage of the GI Bill, Guinn resumed his studies. First he went to Temple University and then finished his studies at Gettysburg College where he graduated in 1949. In 1946 he met his wife whom he married Aug. 31, 1947. He remained in the military, serving in Germany and Vietnam.