C-47 "Ride-Along"


"Airborne Experience"

We are now able to offer a new "ride-along" Airborne experience. Individuals will be allowed to go "Airborne" along with jump team members on a C47 flight.  Hear and feel what it's like to ride in a WWII vintage aircraft and watch the troops dressed in WWII uniforms and equipment "Stand Up & hook Up".

To learn more about this opportunity contact us at: operations_@_wwiiadt.org










 Edward J George

 Born:                            28 March 1925

Enlistment date:            December 1943  Brockton, MA

Deployments:                Europe

Units:                             D Company, 515th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 13th Airborne Division

Rank:                            Private

Specialisations:             Rifleman, Machine Gunner, 60mm Mortarman, CIA Airborne Operations, Parachutist

Qualifications:              Parachute Wings

Decorations:                 American Campaign Medal, EME Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Army of Occupation Medal

Discharge Date:            Feb 1946

Other Information:        Ed grew up in Boston, MA and was the high school quarterback behind a center that was later to become famous, the great Rocky Marciano.

 When Ed enlisted in the Army he was sent to a coastal anti-aircraft battalion where  he spent many nights bored and wondered what he would tell his grandchildren about his war experiences.  He went to his Captain and asked to be transferred to a fighting outfit and was told he could not be transferred.  Later he was told the only way out of the coastal battalion was to volunteer for the Airborne or the Air Corp.  So, he volunteered for both!  The Airborne got him first and sent him to Camp Mackall.   Just before he was to make his first jump, he got a message that the Air Corp was ready to take him.  At that point, he said "I had to know if I could actually jump, so I stayed, and when I did jump, there was no way I was leaving my buddies!"

 He was sent to D Co. 515 PIR, 13th Airborne.  He remembers being ready to take off for six different missions, but all were cancelled at the last minute, much to the disappointment of all.  He ended up with 28 jumps, mostly from training they did while in France. 

 After the war Ed went to college and earned a degree in English literature and worked for a brief time at a New England newspaper.  Because of his airborne experience he was recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency when it was being established and was jump qualified again. 

 Upon returning from a trip to Normandy on September 23, 2011, Ed said, "I was damn proud to be a paratrooper....and I still am."