C-47 "Ride-Along"


"Airborne Experience"

We are now able to offer a new "ride-along" Airborne experience. Individuals will be allowed to go "Airborne" along with jump team members on a C47 flight.  Hear and feel what it's like to ride in a WWII vintage aircraft and watch the troops dressed in WWII uniforms and equipment "Stand Up & hook Up".

To learn more about this opportunity contact us at: operations_@_wwiiadt.org



Operation Market Garden Commemoration

Eerde, Netherlands September 2011

L to R:  Erwin Janssen (Eerde, Netherlands), ADT Legacy vet Bobby Hunter (D/501/101) (Gunter, TX) and Bobby's son Robert (Gunter, TX) celebrate ADT jump on original 101st "A" DZ in Eerde, the Netherlands, 17 Sep, 2011.  Bobby jumped and landed on this same DZ 67 years earlier!

September 17, 2011, marked the 67th anniversary of operation Market-Garden, the Allied surprise attack launched against the Germans occupying the Netherlands in hopes of bringing a quick end to the war by quickly thrusting into northern Germany and then on to Berlin.  The WWIIADT traveled to Eerde, the Netherlands, for a week with 22 of its members who participated in a variety of activities such as  commemorative ceremonies, parades and an airborne demonstration jump.  The team sponsored three WWII airborne veterans, Ray Nagell, Bobby Hunter and John Primerano who fought in the Netherlands, to accompany them for the trip.    

WWII airborne veteran Ray Nagell relating combat stories to ADT members on "the island" near Arnhem, the Netherlands, 16 Sep, 2011.

John Primerano (501/101) autographing ADT calendars in Eerde, the Netherlands,  during commemorative ceremonies 17 Sep, 2011.

The events were even more significant this year as one of our own team members who lives in the Netherlands, Erwin Janssen, was instrumental in reconstructing the ruins of a huge windmill that was officially re-opened and dedicated as a monument to remember and honor the soldiers who fought for their liberation.   During the Market-Garden operation the windmill, which sat adjacent to one of the drop zones, had been severely damaged by combat.  

ADT members in front of newly re-constructed windmill in Eerde, the Netherlands, 17 Sep, 2011.

Particularly special to the ADT on this trip was the jump where D/501/101st Airborne Division veteran and ADT team member Bobby Hunter witnessed his son, Robert Hunter, make the same jump, on the same DZ 67 years to the date and time, later!  This was a very special moment for everyone involved.  

ADT paratroopers under canopy descending onto WWII 101st DZ "A", Eerde, the Netherlands, 17 Sep. 2011.

C-47 low-pass over DZ just after ADT jumpers landed, Eerde, the Netherlands, 17 Sep, 2011.

ADT jumpers "debriefing" jump onto original WWII 101st DZ "A" Eerde, the Netherlands, 17 Sep. 2011.

When not involved in official events, the team traveled throughout the Netherlands and northern Belgium touring historic battle sites and museums.  

ADT including WWII airborne veterans John Primerano and Ray Nagell visiting WWII 101st DZ near Best , the Netherlands, 16 Sep, 2011.

ADT paying tribute to our fallen soldiers in the Henri-Chapelle American Military Cemetery, Belgium, 18 Sep, 2011.

The trip was a huge success and will always be remembered by those who attended.