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The Team 

Founded in 1996, the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team located in Frederick, Oklahoma is the original parachute team dedicated solely to WWII style parachuting and airborne operations. Second to none, we continually strive to be the most professional, authentic, and historically accurate parachute team in the world. Being the first organization of its type, we are the premier precision round canopy parachute organization and the only parachute organization to have its own dedicated facilities and aircraft. Nowhere else in the world can you be trained in WWII era parachuting techniques and make all five qualifying jumps from a WWII era C-47 aircraft. Our mission of "Remember, Honor, Serve" is meant to preserve the memories of the veterans of the Second World War and carry their legacy forward by educating current and future generations. The World War II Airborne Demonstration Team not only recognizes these veterans, but all veterans for their sacrifices and patriotic service to the country. The team preforms across the US and Europe bringing the past alive at airshows, veteran reunions, and other commemorative events. Twice a year the all-volunteer organization holds a jump school where new recruits are trained and certified.


 The Founder

  In April 1945, at the request of the United States Treasury Department and in compliance with Army Ground Force orders, three War Bond Airborne Demonstration teams were organized. The demonstration teams, jointly sponsored by the War and Treasury Departments as a feature of the Sixth and Seventh War Loan Drives, were to provide the American public with the opportunity to view, at first hand and on a small scale, the work of airborne troops, Troop Carrier Command, and Army Air Forces in simulated combat operations as practiced in the European and Pacific Theaters of operation. It is these teams that Richard "Top" Wolf drew inspiration from when he formed the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team.


Growing up in post-war America, Richard Wolf was surrounded by veterans of World War II and the stories of their heroic deeds. When his time came he enlisted into the United States Army serving in the Special Forces in several postings including Southeast Asia. After serving for 24 years, Richard retired as a Sergeant First Class. Following his retirement he set forth on a journey to honor the men that had so heavily influenced him in his youth. With the concept of a demonstration team and the knowledge gained from his years of military service he went to work with a goal of honoring all veterans, educating the public, and keeping history alive. The World War II Airborne Demonstration Team is the product of that goal.